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Lancaster Links

Single Step Wholefoods - the place to buy all your veggie wholefoods, as well as bodycare and vegan condoms!

Lancaster uk
online community resources and visitors guide to lancaster
L@RC - Lancaster Resource Centre (aka The Basement under Single Step) - the collectively run resource centre and meeting space.
Another Guide to Lancaster - lots of nice photies... Openguide to Lancaster - wikisite - so you can contribute to it as well as read it!

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A friend of ours made a small guide like this on an A5 piece of paper a few years ago, and we noticed how useful people new to the area found it. So, after talking about doing another one for a couple of years, we finally got round to doing it.

The guide is biased, 'cos we are biased (if you feel we've left out something cool, then let us know. There's no guarantee that we'll include it in the next version, but we'll certainly think about it...) We've basically included only things that more or less fit our own ethical / sustainable / social / environmental consciences. We realize that not everyone will have the same criteria, but are of the opinion that if you strongly disagree with us, then you can make your own guide! That said, suggestions and comments are welcome, and will be considered.

The biggest problem when doing the guide was what to leave out! We originally had lists of social/environmental etc groups, comments and descriptions, a longer list of places etc, but we just couldn't fit it onto the back of the map. After hmming and hahing we decided to leave out all the things which we thought we could rely on you to find for yourselves by asking in the Tourist Information Office, checking the yellow pages or asking people on the street.

We hope to make links and stuff here to the places listed in the guide. If you are in the guide (or feel you should be) then drop us a line and we will put a link to you.

The guide is @nti-copywrite - so please download it, print it off, change it, make your own, send it to your granny and generally give it away!

We hope that you like our guide to Lancaster - feedback is appreciated! Ideas, vegan chocolate cake, rants but no spam to: guide @ tofubandits . org . uk

June 2003
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